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In CEO's work with leaders and organizations, the path to developing more enlightened leaders and creating a more enlightened organizational culture may include any or all of the following services:

·      Heart-centered coaching and support for key stakeholders drawing on their inner wisdom to identify and develop talents, skills and aspirations and to address any limiting beliefs or personal obstacles to success.  This coaching always results in very practical, concrete action steps to move forward to achieve desired objectives.

·      Group coaching/facilitation to connect with inner wisdom in order to develop a shared vision for the organization and to address any cultural assumptions and beliefs that may inhibit attainment of that vision.

·      Training in methodologies and practices to enable individuals to continuously expand their awareness, open their hearts to inner wisdom, and challenge limiting beliefs – leading to greater personal fulfillment as well as organizational results.

·      Training/facilitation to enhance the individual and organizational competence in developing caring, supportive relationships and in providing feedback and guidance to one another (based on inner wisdom, delivered in a supportive, encouraging manner that holds the hearts of those receiving it).  These skills are essential for creating an enlightened organizational climate of trust and mutual respect.

·      Facilitation of organizations and work units in a strategic planning process and in identification of the strategic performance areas, and key performance indicators for those areas, that will guide their efforts in achieving outstanding results.

·      Support in development of a comprehensive communications strategy that will ensure that the new, more enlightened organizational culture is understood and embraced by all.

·      Ensuring that the organizational reward system (formal and informal) supports the desired behavior and the envisioned culture.

·      Developing and implementing a process to assess progress in moving toward the desired culture and leading to any needed adjustments to the approach.

CEO offers the following traditional organizational consulting, workshops and custom-designed organizational improvement engagements in a deeper, more profound way:

  • Coaching for leaders and other stakeholders
  • Leadership Training Workshops
  • Facilitation of a wide variety of groups
  • Strategic Planning Processes
  • Performance Management and Measurement Systems
  • Work Process Assessment and Improvement Initiatives
  • Developing a Global Mindset and Global Skills
  • Change Management

There are a variety of ways to structure or package our work that will be agreed upon with each client to provide the best value for their circumstances and needs.

  • Coaching and consulting at an hourly or daily rate
  • Public workshops at a per person fee
  • Workshops tailored for and offered within an organization for a fixed fee
  • Projects mutually designed and agreed upon at a contracted fee
  • Multi-session (volume) discounts for any work

The Center for Enlightened Organizations Presents the Following Workshops:

Foundations of Enlightened Leadership

 Accessing Inner Wisdom to Address Your Leadership Challenges

with David and Jo Ann Ross

Contact us for upcoming dates or to schedule a workshop for your organization


What if you had access to a perfect advisor in times of stress, anxiety, or uncertainty?  What if you felt firmly rooted in a greater vision and always knew the way forward? Discover that you have that resource available to you in every moment through your own inner wisdom.

How can we as organizational leaders create this enlightened state within ourselves and our organizations?

If you want to take your organization to its full potential or have a particular leadership challenge – this workshop will help you achieve your highest aspirations. In this two-day workshop you will:

·               Learn practices to relieve the stresses, anxieties and struggles of leadership


·               Access your inner wisdom to gain clarity and insight, allowing you to resolve real-life challenges


·               Free yourself from the “voices” of the subtle limiting beliefs or attitudes that can sabotage your success as a leader


·               Uncover and embrace your unique leadership qualities to become an “enlightened” leader


Stepping into your true potential as a leader starts with one powerful step!

What are you waiting for

 This workshop is designed for organizational leaders in all sectors, including nonprofit, government and private industry.  For further information contact: David Ross at 301-565-7878 or

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