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We help leaders achieve personal fulfillment and organizational success by expanding their awareness, broadening their perspective and developing their capacity to lead.

Develop yourself – Develop your organization

If you are struggling in your leadership role in any way, or if you are seeking a way to take your organization to its full potential -- CEO can help you expand your awareness, develop a broader perspective and achieve your highest aspirations


The Center for Enlightened Organizations (CEO) is
a consulting and research organization established for the purpose of encouraging and supporting the creation of more enlightened leaders and work organizations.  The core belief and organizing principle of CEO is that the ongoing psychological, emotional and spiritual development of individual leaders and members of organizations is the foundation of and a requirement for the development of enlightened organizations.  The struggle and suffering so common in organizations are not necessary!  Individuals and organizations CAN achieve their highest aspirations and make the great contributions to the world that their hearts desire to make.


Development of the individual means development of broader awareness, expansion of consciousness, and an opening to higher order insights and internal guidance that is essentially spiritual in nature.  This expanded awareness and inner wisdom lead to concrete decisions and actions that are life supporting.  Development of the individual also means enabling individual leaders and other organizational members to experience qualities such as peace, love, mercy, justice, strength, wisdom, freedom and many others in their own hearts as they carry out their organizational roles.  These individuals then have a greater capacity to act effectively, from a centered place, in whatever circumstances they may find themselves.  They are not subject to the same levels of stress, anxiety, frustration, dissatisfaction and ineffectiveness so common in leaders and organizations today.

To achieve this vision of more enlightened leaders and more enlightened organizations, in addition to providing traditional organization development consulting, strategic planning, group facilitation and executive coaching services, the unique and foundational approach of CEO is to train and support clients in the application of time-tested practices to connect their hearts with their own inner wisdom and to connect with the source of inner peace and strength.  These practices (initially with the support of CEO coaches) enable leaders, in a very practical and grounded way, to open their hearts to to receive whatever qualities they need in any moment, and to receive guidance or inner wisdom for whatever questions and challenges they are facing.  With this peace, clarity and insight in their hearts, they are able to make sound and inspired business decisions, create supportive relationships and enlightened organizational cultures, and achieve excellent personal and organizational results that make a significant contribution in the world.

Ultimately, enlightened leaders and organizations are guided by the “light” of their spirit.  Their hearts are open to and aligned with this higher guidance for every situation, leading to extraordinary organizations with extraordinary impact.

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