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David B. Ross, President

David Ross is a seasoned professional with over thirty five years of experience as an organizational consultant, management/executive coach, trainer and facilitator in a wide variety of private and public sector organizations.  This experience has convinced him that a key to the creation of more “enlightened” organizations is the psychological, emotional and spiritual development of leaders and members, which is a foundational principle in all of his work.  He has focused on helping people in organizations enhance their personal effectiveness and satisfaction, and their ability to work effectively together by creating organizational cultures, structures, and processes that lead to both high levels of performance and increased member satisfaction.  Such organizational cultures are characterized by a shared vision, clear goals, mutual trust and respect, empowerment at all levels, effective processes and accountability for results.  His education includes master’s degrees in Organizational Behavior and Human Development from Harvard University and UCLA and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from The University of Rochester.  He is a graduate of the Newfield Network’s Coaching for Personal and Professional Mastery program and the Spiritual Coaching and Counseling program of the University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism.

Jo Ann H. Ross, Vice President

Jo Ann is passionate about her work as an executive coach, trainer and consultant to Fortune 100 companies, non-profits and government agencies.  She helps global leaders develop competencies in managing worldwide projects, driving global teams and building trusting relationships across the globe.  She holds an MA in French literature and culture, and completed an executive coach training program that emphasized coaching “from the heart” at the Jaffe Institute. 

As an executive coach, Jo Ann enables leaders in global corporations to excel in increasingly challenging leadership roles – especially cross-border roles.  Jo Ann describes “heart-based” coaching as leading coachees to a transformative in-depth experience; they develop greater self-awareness, self-worth, and learn to draw guidance and confidence from their own strengths and inner wisdom. 

Jo Ann has produced three video courses on cross-cultural communication, and received the prestigious Prix des Palmes Académiques awarded by the French Government for her work in Franco-American understanding. She enjoys training and speaking at conferences worldwide.

She is currently completing a Master’s degree in Spiritual Ministry and Counselling. She is a Sufi Master Teacher, who inspires individuals to discover their own divine strengths and passions in their work.

What Clients Say About Us:

"I came to CEO with a good amount of skepticism.  It struck me as a bit squishy.  But it was recommended to me as a fresh take on getting some coaching and strategic planning help.  Since I was struggling with a number of leadership and management issues, I thought I would give it a try.  I am amazed at how quickly David Ross helped me access my inner resources and brought me to real insights about myself that have done more to help me address the challenges I was facing than I could have imagined.  The insights I gained have followed beyond work to the rest of my life.  Now I know why CEO and David Ross were recommended to me, and I can't recommend it strongly enough to any of you."  A.K.

Thanks so much for working with me.  I deeply appreciate it.  Thanks to our work, I feel much more at peace about (my situation), more capable of bringing (the right perspective) to whatever happens...."  M.S.

"I want to thank you David for the valuable support, which helped me feel more clear on my direction.  You helped me to clearly see the next steps I need to take.  I will continue working with you to tap into my inner voice of wisdom to guide me further." 

"Jo Ann was great.  She did an excellent job of listening to me, recognizing what was important to me, and helping me build my self-confidence by emphasizing my strengths and experiences, and how they will help me make this opportunity a successful and enjoyable one." Country Manager, Germany

"The coaching program with Jo Ann was a thoroughly enjoyable and productive experience, and I benefited tremendously!  I believe I am well-equiped for whatever changes will come my way in the future."  Senior Vice-President

"Sometimes you get lucky.  I had no interest in coaching before I met Jo Ann, as I thought I knew a lot and it was a waste of time.  Upon meeting her, however, a few qualities impressed me.  She was knowledgeable and experienced without being overbearing.  She was an exceptional listener.  She stayed on the sidelines until she was invited.  And from our first meeting, I felt I could trust her and wanted to work with her.  She helped me overcome some deep seated fears that were holding me back in my career, but which I had never anyone.  She worked with me through this and helped me overcome it - which was truly liberating.  When I went through a particularly trying time at work, where I was facing a crossroads in my career which could have resulted in me leaving my company, Jo Ann acted as a strong listener, provided objective coaching and helped me overcome the issues and thrive again within the organization."  A.J.


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