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"Work is love made visible.  And if you cannot work with love but only with distaste, it is better you should leave your work and sit at the gate of the temple - and take alms from those who work with joy."  Khalil Gibran

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The Center for Enlightened Organizations (CEO) is a consulting and research organization established for the purpose of encouraging and supporting the creation of more enlightened leaders and work organizations.  

If you are struggling in your leadership role in any way, or if you are seeking a way to take your organization to its full potential -- CEO can help you find relief, gain new insights, expand your awareness, develop a broader perspective and achieve your highest aspirations.

What if you had access to a perfect adviser who would give you unerring guidance for all the difficult decisions you must make, and who always had the comforting, encouraging message you most needed to hear in times of stress, anxiety, or uncertainty?  The truth is you have that resource available to you always through your own inner wisdom.  All you have to do is learn how to access it.

Working with CEO, you will learn to use this inner resource to successfully address all your leadership challenges.  And CEO can then help and support you with a full range of organization development, strategic planning and facilitation services to create the truly enlightened organization you would like to lead.

Leadership is not easy!

  • Leaders often face big challenges that seem overwhelming; that seem to require a capacity greater than they possess; and for which they sometimes feel inadequate.  It may appear that their vision for the kind of organization they want to create and the contribution they want to make in the world is out of reach.
  • The result is stress, anxiety and struggle.  As one leader put it, "I spend some parts of every day in turmoil and unhappiness; I struggle and get depressed."
  • There is a great cost - personal and organizational:
    • Lack of fulfillment and happiness
    • Damage to relationships (work, family, friends).
    • Health issues and concerns.
    • Ineffectiveness and lack of productivity.
    • Poor decisions that have costly ramifications.
    • Inability to create the kind of organization envisioned and required.
    • Inability to have the desired impact in achieving the mission or purpose.   
What's needed is greater leadership capacity and expanded awareness.
  • Leaders need access to clear and correct guidance.
  • Leaders need access to a deeper source of guidance and support greater than their ego or "who they currently think they are."

Help and support for leaders are available from CEO.

  • CEO coaching conversations help leaders gain a broader perspective, achieve "breakthrough" insights, and see new possibilities that were previously hidden.
  • Learning specific practices to access their own "inner wisdom" provides leaders with a much-needed resource for their own personal development and guidance in all aspects of their leadership role.
  • These practices also bring relief from the stress and anxiety the leaders have been experiencing.  They bring positive, desirable qualities such as peace, mercy, strength, trust, wisdom, and many others to the leaders' hearts. 

This enhanced leadership capacity, along with other types of organization development, strategic planning and facilitation support by CEO, can enable the truly effective development of other aspects of the organization and achievement of desired results. 

Some of the qualities of enlightened organizations, naturally flowing from the expanded awareness of their leaders and members and their effective organization development efforts, include:

  • A clear, life-supporting purpose that inspires passionate service to humanity and the world.
  • An inspiring shared vision of how members will work together to achieve their highest aspirations - both personal and organizational.
  • Highest standards for performance quality to which all feel (and are held) accountable.
  • Absolute commitment to bringing the highest value to the customer/client and the greatest contribution to the world.
  • Absolute integrity and ethical behavior.
  • Trustworthiness.
  • Care and respect for all those with whom they interact - organization members, customers/clients, suppliers, and all other stakeholders.
  • A climate of support, caring and belief in people that encourages members to be creative, innovative, take (appropriate) risks, continue growing and learning.
  • A way of doing business that is both "tough-minded and kind-hearted."
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